A Merry Mayhem – Christmas Puppet show

Tom Skylark is in festive spirits - he has done all his Christmas shopping and wants to tell you a story - but Charlie the Fox has other ideas and mirthful mayhem ensues!

See Rudolf the Reindeer told in colourful shadow puppetry, and a fox firing himself from a cannon in this joyful mischievous celebratory show by acclaimed theatre company WishWorks. 

“Nobody wanted Christmas presents this year- they just wanted you to come back and do a show for them”


The story teller has just brought all his Christmas presents and wrapped them up. He wants to tell you a story, but some naughty foxes have other ideas. He manages to show the traditional story of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer on the shadow screen but his carol singing is disrupted by foxes again. 

As he goes off to find his presents the foxes take over the show. They have some enthralling ideas for entertainment, a quad bike and some dynamite.

Children come on stage to help and the little fox fires himself from a cannon.

The story teller returns and gets his presents back for a happy ending full of good will for all men, and women, and children, and foxes. 

Set up time: minimum 1 hour

Performance time: 30 minutes

Performance space: 4m deep by 3m wide, 3m high

Ideal audience size: 30 – 200

Age range: 2-10