nominated BEST CHILDRENS SHOW at Brighton Fringe 2014

BEST SHOW at Windsor Fringe 2016

"A delight. Really good entertainment and we'll done on the puppetry. I would happily recommend it. It's perfect family fare for lots of venues"

                                      - Adam Bennett, Artistic Director, DNA and Little Angel Theatre


Stories are magical, they change every time they are told and this one is full of surprises!

Our story teller is interrupted by a naughty puppet who wants to be part of the show, the main part- and he’s not sure he likes porridge. What will the bears say?

Mayhem and hilarity ensue and the audience are invited to growl along and join in.

WishWorks’ interactive shows are innovative and inventive- making the familiar fun and issues interesting since 1999.

“Highly recommended Show” – Fringe Review 2014

“This was a beautiful production, not over-taxing for the children, but fast-moving and managing to engage all the different age-groups who went along. (Including the over-forties!). The little ones, especially, were buzzing with excitement as they left - they'd enjoyed being able to see the puppets close up. Wishworks really know how to engage with an audience - of any age. Unforgettable.” Reviewed by Strat Mastoris for Brighton Fringe 27th May 2014

"On one level, Goldifox is just incredibly entertaining - you'd be hard pushed to find a more animated audience. On another level, it's full of really interesting moments that come from taking a story and theatrical style the audience knows, and breaking the rules: Andy describes 'Goldifox' looking through the window of the bears' cottage, and seeing nobody there. "nah mate, there's loads of people here!" insists Charlie, casually smashing down the fourth wall. Whether you're into custard pie humour or a bt of boundary breaking theatre, Goldifox is just right" - Flossie Waite