Little Red Riding Hood Information for venues

Little Red Riding Hood (with Rabbits) has been devised and directed by WishWorks.

Running Time: 30 minutes no interval

Touring Company: 2 performers, enhanced CRB checks.

Age Guidance: Suitable for children aged 3-10 and their families

Cost: £450 for one show, £750 for two on the same day.

Literacy workshops available, to link with local schools

Get In:

  • 1 hour get in
  • 45 minutes get out
  • Company will set up 


  • Lighting plans available on request


  • Recorded sound running from mini-disc (company can provide PAT tested mini-disc player)
  • Performers require lapel or head set radio microphones, which the company can provide


Performance is both within and outside a booth

Performance area required 3m by 3m. Performers will need access to auditorium during performance.