Little Red Riding Hood, but funnier than you remember it.

The big bad wolf is busy and his cousin, the little good wolf, comes instead, but he hasn't really listened to the story.

Our Red Riding Hood is different too- he is a very noisy rabbit.

Interactive and eye-catching, with hand and rod puppets, storytelling and a lot of Hoppity Hop, this wild wierd wood is a wonderful place to be.

“The teachers gave us feedback that the children really enjoyed the performance and that it was the best Monday morning ever” Grace Myers-Crump, Newmarket Library

“The puppet show was top notch (so funny and thoughtful). A very big thank you to everyone involved. Spot on! It was lovely to be in the Theatre Royal Brighton; thrilling” audience member

WishWorks “Red Riding Hood” at the Theatre Royal, Brighton. Photo credit Rebecca Garland, H2oh!