Puppetry at Museums and Libraries

WishWorks are uniquely placed to offer flexible and relevant educational entertainment to Museums and Libraries, due to our history of content-based entertainment and our adaptable, collaborative approach to theming shows and workshops around exhibitions, collections and events.

For details of our educational and entertaining performances please look under schools. http://wishworks.co.uk/schools/shows 

In 2012 we won a four year contract with the Natural History Museum and developed our show “Wildwood Tales” (previously Animal Story) alongside their learning team to teach about native woodland animals.

An independent market research company, working at the museum in 2014 said 100% of audience members surveyed gave WishWorks 5 stars for entertainment.

They say of our shows:

“The Animal Story is a fantastic show, I have seen it many times and get a huge amount of joy and positivity from how much the audiences enjoy the show. Both students and adults can learn new things about British Wildlife. Sally and Andrew are both very professional puppeteers, they were very flexible and had attention for details. I would recommend Wishworks to all” Joanna Benedict, Programme Developer

“The show was very interactive. Scientific words are introduced in effective and fun ways through the show.

Meeting the audiences in person at the end was very effective and many families seemed to be happy and engaged including adults.” Kaoru, Learning and Development team

“The young people are learning so much from the Animal Show, my daughter is going to tell me all about British Wild animals after the show. This is when you know they enjoyed it and want to find out more” A parent.

Photo credit, in house Photographer, Natural History Museum

We have worked successfully in many libraries with our literacy based shows and workshops; 

Sometimes as a burst of excitement at the end of school to raise awareness of the summer reading challenge, sometimes as part of the ongoing drive to bring people into libraries and raise funds.

“Just wanted to say thank you to Wishworks on behalf of the schools and the library, for a fantastic afternoon performance. Wishworks did an amazing, entertaining show and the children all left buzzing about the show.” Brandon Library Manager, Mathew Sheldrick, 2013

“The show was great, and the teachers gave feedback to Nina and Julie and said it was the best Monday morning they had!!!  (ever)!!!!” Grace Myers-Crump, Newmarket Library, 2013

“Just a quick note to say what a wonderful morning we’ve had here. We had a lovely class of 30 children attend, who (and I include myself and their teachers) thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  Andy and Sally from the Wish Works team are truly marvellous at what they do and they had a really warm approach to us and the children.” Haverhill Library Manager, Sanphra Wilmott, 2013

Just some of the lovely comments from audiences at "Goldifox" performance by Wishworks (in association with Creative Arts East) at Clare Library and Hadleigh Library, Suffolk, April 2014:
"An excellent show, well thought out and well presented - just right to keep the children entranced and the adults entertained too - Thank you!"

"Fantastic show, kids and grown-ups loved it. We'd happily come back for another one!"

"Really enjoyable and funny show. A definite hit with the kids, brilliantly delivered. Thanks!"

"The show was imaginative and hilarious. It was entertainment for all ages!"

Creative Arts East say “Suffolk libraries would be keen to have you back.”


Photo credit Karen Kidman, Creative Arts East Live

Some audience feedback from our story making/literacy workshop in libraries:

  • Great experience! Got the children familiar with the whole process of story-writing through to auditions and acting it out!
  • My daughter and her friend attended the story making workshop and both thoroughly enjoyed it especially as it was very interactive.
  • Brilliant, involved all the kids, got them all thinking. Made a wonderful story. Great for all ages.
  • I thought it was fantastic
  • Great fun! I brought 3 children aged 10, 7 and 4 and they all enjoyed it!
  • "I liked making up the story. It was cool" Sophia age 9.   "I liked seeing the characters dressing up" Tessa, age 6
  • I loved today because children could play and interact
  • Very enjoyable story workshop
  • Really enjoyed it
  • Very good - epic
  • I really enjoyed myself - EPIC
  • I enjoyed the workshop it is very good for children to have a laugh and use their imagination
  • I had a really good time and enjoyed being a dog.
  • My nieces Tannia and Kasha (age 5) both really enjoyed taking part in the story.   They really loved the puppet characters that Andy made to accompany the story. Tannia especially liked playing the character of a dog. They also liked joining in with other children they did not know. They would love to come to the next show.
  • Very enjoyable for all the family. Lots of fun too! Thank you!
  • Ollie (5) enjoyed watching the story on the screen and when the children dressed up. Nanny enjoyed it too!
  • My son really enjoyed the show and getting involved. He really had fun looking at the story being made
  • EPIC!!! Loved it. Come to my birthday party...
  • I enjoyed the story very much, really nice performance
  • Really good
  • I liked it lots and it was disgusting!
  • Well managed - great to let the kids make the decisions! James 'The Dragon' says - Great, excellent, fantastic!
  • This was excellent both children f (7) M (4) got a lot out of it.
  • Really enjoyed it and like the alien costume the best.
  • Awesome! Fun, brilliant ideas.
  • Really good show encouraging children to use their imagination and bring out their creative skills. Well done!
  • Very good show, loving the involvement of the children.

We are happy to perform in unusual spaces and at fundraising and publicity events, within Heritage properties or sites of historical interest, and tailor shows to suit the theming of the event.

“Thank you for the wonderful puppet show that you put on in the garden of Anne of Cleves House. I hope you could see from the audience that you were a great hit-it was lovely to see so many fascinated small children. Their parents seemed very thankful to have someone to entertain them as well!” Jane Vokins, Friends of Anne of Cleves House

We have also been commissioned for work at Kew Gardens (“Life of a Tree”, 2010, and “Good King Wenceslas”, 2012) and RHS Wisley (Cinderella and the slug) among other prestigious establishments.

WishWorks have performed to great public acclaim for Middle Farm at our annual Apple Festival, and in so doing have added a magical dimension to the celebrations, enthralling children and adults alike. Their shows nurture imaginings and provoke ideas far beyond the immediate joy of a theatrical performance, by addressing issues of complex social relevance in a highly accessible way. Such lively and original work is well worthy of all encouragement” Helen and Rod Marsh, Middle Farm