Tales of the Deep

Originally written for the Sussex Wildlife Trust in 2007, and since redeveloped for other environmental organizations, “Tales of the Deep” is a fast paced and wacky adventure into marine conservation issues.

Full of audience participation and laughter this show is a kinaesthetic way of showing children the importance of looking after the ocean. 

What is the scariest thing in the sea? Is it sharks? Pirates? Jellyfish? No! Go on a journey with a piRATe to discover what really frightens the fish.

RiverOcean has enjoyed performances of WishWorks at our Low Tide festival for many years. The shows have been a favourite of children and adults alike.” Clare Rutherford, River Ocean Foundation

“Your show is just magical, the puppets are gorgeous and astonishing and I love the quirkiness of the story. I’ve told so many people about your show, my children were desperate to see it again” audience feedback, 2014

“It is so inspiring to see this level of creativity and humour for children today. The invitation for kids to get involved and co-create the stories takes a real educational initiative. Children learn to appreciate their own art in the show”. - Riga Forbes, Birth Vision, 2014

“Fantastic shows, Thank you so much for coming along” Daniel Fagan, community ranger, CHALKlife festival for Lewes District Council, 2014 

“A wonderful puppeteer bringing magic and silliness and sparkles” Karen Kidman, Creative Arts East live