Plot Synopsis

Whispering Smith is hungry and has waited a long time for his favourite fruit to fall from the tree. The forest animals sing a song to help it down but still no fruit has fallen. What do the audience think he should do?

After trying all the suggestions Whispering Smith climbs up the tree and eats the delicious fruit, but how will he get down?

He begins to ask the animals in the wood for help, but he is shy and only asks very quietly. A bird, a badger, a squirrel and some rabbits go about their business unaware- then a Dragon comes along- he sees Whispering Smith in the tree and says hello, but Whispering Smith has never seen a dragon before and is too shy to say anything at all!

Night falls, Whispering Smith is uncomfortable and frightened in the tree as scary shadows loom around him. He falls asleep and dreams in shadow puppetry with images from nursery rhymes and traditional stories. The end of his dream is scary as a wolf is about to eat a little pig; he wakes with a jolt. When the day brings music and butterflies he is so happy he forgets he was ever afraid in the day and decides to ask for help from the first creature he sees.

The animals come back, one by one and this time they hear him SHOUTING! They all go off to get help, but Whispering Smith doesn’t know they have gone to get help, he thinks they have just gone, and he keeps on shouting.

The animals go to the dragon for help, because he is magic, but he does need some help from the audience.

Whispering Smith flies down from the tree and we see all the characters again while bubble machines float extra magic over the audience. Whispering Smith is safe on the ground, he has made new friends and he has even found a new way to get fruit out of the tree. With a little help from his new friends.

Thanks for your beautiful work” Sian, Winchester Hat Fair

Audiences say:

“Magical for children in an old fashioned way, loved all the different types of puppets, shadow stuff and butterflies with music”

“Brilliantly entertaining show, we all loved every minute”

“I enjoyed it incredibly, very kid focused, nice ethos. My face hurt afterwards from smiling too much”

“Amazing adlibs, smooth flow to a happy conclusion. Dynamic colours and music. Non-patronising content towards children” 

“It was fantastic, I adored it, my favourite bit was when the dragon did the magic” Ayla aged 6

“It was the best puppet show I have ever seen, I liked it when the fruit came down” Meadow aged 6