Pet Shows suitable for children aged 5-10


Is your child an animal lover? Spend the early part of the party making a pet from some wonderfully tactile materials then enter a pet show, judged by one of our puppets. With classes from “pet that looks most like it’s owner” to “most useful pet” with something for everybody it is a chance to let imaginations run wild and win rosettes!

  • These shows are suitable for small-scale outdoor events, nurseries, weddings and fetes as well as birthday parties.
  • Younger siblings also enjoy watching colourful puppet shows and meeting the puppets.
  • Older siblings can help WishWorks perform their show if they want to get involved in entertaining their young brothers and sisters.
  • Please call for free advice on running your own child’s party, if you do not want to hire an outside entertainer.
  • WishWorks recommend Deniz, a face painter based in Brighton who can create magical faces for great numbers of children while remaining calm and friendly.
  • We can recommend other party entertainers, if you do not feel that puppet parties would suit your child, for example “ Pineapple Head” the clown.
  • We can also recommend puppeteers in other parts of the country, for example “Mr. Browns Pig” in Bristol
  • WishWorks love to be part of bigger parties and corporate events, for example a party for Arsenal’s Junior gunners in 2009

WishWorks specialise in HAVING FUN!!!

Cost - within one hour drive of Lewes, East Sussex:

£250 for one show at your event

£350 for two hours entertainment at a children’s party, including one or two shows plus puppet-led games

Making-things parties (no show) are less as they require only one facilitator from WishWorks.

“We are still on a high after our beautiful wedding day. Thank you both so much for coming to us with your magical puppet show. It was much enjoyed and talked about by the children. We could hear their roars of laughter during the speeches. It was just perfect knowing they were having such a lovely time.”

We have had lots of positive feedback about our birthday Celebration. Thank you both, on behalf of Hillview and the children who so enjoyed making and playing with their puppets, for your contribution to the success of the day” Emily Skye, Hillview Family Centre

Thank you for all your hard work and effort. The entertainment you provided helped make this special occasion such an enjoyable and memorable event for everyone. I have spoken to several families since and all the children loved the puppet show” P.S.A Secretary, Chailey Heritage School