Biodiversity Show - Life Of A Tree

This engaging show tells the story of the life cycle of a tree and the intricate web of plants and animals that depend on it. It teaches children the basics of Biodiversity and encourages them to respect and appreciate trees.

Life of a tree

WishWorks’ humourous and interactive performance style makes the show both highly educational and great fun for all ages. We cover the topics of:
- Biodiversity (the interconnectedness of life in the natural world)
- Photosynthesis (using Carbon Dioxide and producing Oxygen)
- The Life Cycle of a tree from seed to compost
- Sustainable forestry and coppicing
- The uses of trees (food, medicine etc)
- The roles that trees play in controlling erosion, global warming and flooding
- How to play cricket with a badger

Commissioned by The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew to mark the International Year of Biodiversity 2010 this show was performed in a glasshouse in the Gardens to more than 3000 people over Kew’s Easter festival.
The show uses hand-made marionettes, rod puppets and muppet style characters as well as a spectacular and colourful set. It is aimed at children aged between 3 and 11 but has proved popular with people of all ages. Each performance lasts about 40 minutes (but can vary due to the element of audience participation)


This show is suitable for theatres, schools and ecological settings. It can be adapted to communicate a wide variety of issues relating to ecology and the natural world and we are happy to collaborate with venues on some details of the shows content.
The set currently requires a performance area 6m wide, 4m deep and 3.5 metre high but can be adapted for longer runs in the same venue to form more of an installation within the space.