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Fynn Dragon


“The bullying theme was illustrated in a very child-friendly way. The set was very interesting and the bright, colourful puppets were absolutely beautiful. We would thoroughly recommend Wishworks to other schools which could integrate the play theme into their topic of work. The children really enjoyed it and the discussion generated after the play was enthusiastic and valuable.” Elm Grove Infants, Littlehampton

“The theme was very clever. Children learnt the difference between bullying and playful behaviour as well as different aspects of bullying. The puppets and sets were beautiful and the shadow show very good, the music was lovely. The children were very engaged and responded well” Saltdean Primary, Brighton

“The bullying aspect was subtle which did make the children think more deeply. The ‘game-playing’ also provided opportunities to discuss consent. Very enjoyable!” Patcham School, Brighton

“The children have learnt that they need to think about how they behave towards others and how they need to be aware of other children’s feelings. They were very focused-great!” St Aubyns, Rottingdean

“I was very impressed with the puppet show. Children gained in understanding of bullying and enjoyment of the show.” Uplands special school, Brighton

Children’s responses to the show have also been very enthusiastic- all choosing different characters and scenes as their favourites. “it was a cool show!”

What people say about Wishworks!

"WishWorks have performed to great public acclaim for Middle Farm at our annual Apple Festival, and in doing so have added a magical dimension to the celebrations enthralling children and adults alike. Their shows nurture imaginings and provoke ideas far beyond the immediate joy of a theatrical performance, by addressing issues of complex social relevance in a highly accessible way. Such lively and original work is well worthy of any and all encouragement." Helen and Rod Marsh- Middle Farm

"RiverOcean has enjoyed performances of WishWorks at our LowTide marine festival for many years. The shows have been a favourite of children and adults alike, and we would love to have a brand new show at LowTide 2005." Riverocean Foundation

"The WishWorks puppet company have been to our school twice and we look forward to seeing them again. They have provided children of a wide range of ages and abilities with captivating entertainment and engaging activities. They have creative talent and technical ability in a range of art forms and are a great team." Keith Ellis, Music Specialist at Chailey Heritage School

"Sally (WishWorks member) relates with sensitivity to the individual needs of the children, which are complex and include issues of abuse, social exclusion, attachment disorders as well as a range of behavioural difficulties. She has engaged positively in the lives of the children, demonstrating a range of skills necessary for developing their potential." Martin Cross, Manager, Littlecote Children's Home