Beauty and the Beast

One kind clever youngest daughter, two scheming greedy older ones, a loving father, a terrifying beast;

tears, laughter, a wedding and a rose.

A love that sees the soul behind the fur and fangs.

Audience action story-telling with improvisation, dressing up and a large dose of silliness. 

“You're simply brilliant, witty, heartwarming.” Viviana, Chislehurst big draw 2013

WishWorks have performed to great public acclaim for Middle Farm at our annual Apple Festival, and in so doing have added a magical dimension to the celebrations, enthralling children and adults alike.

Their shows nurture imaginings and provoke ideas far beyond the immediate joy of a theatrical performance, by addressing issues of complex social relevance in a highly accessible way.

Such lively and original work is well worthy of all encouragement” Helen and Rod Marsh, Middle Farm

“Hi, I just wanted to send an email to thank you for being so kind to my family today at the apple festival. My five children aged two to nearly ten were completely engaged by your amazing shows today and insisted on staying to watch all four! I really appreciate the time that you spent between the shows talking to our children and allowing them to interact with the puppets. All they have done since we got home is put on puppet shows! My eldest son is autistic so it was extra special to see him engaging in something to this extent. Thank you again and I certainly hope we meet again.” Jenni Neale