Warren is a blue rabbit, but his Granny loves him and has knitted him a red cloak with a red hood, which he wears everywhere he goes. He also likes to go horse riding on a Saturday morning, which is why everybody calls him Little Red Riding Rabbit.

He is off to visit his Grandma and take her some carrots, but there are a few problems- he can’t pull the carrots out and his mum just isn’t rabbity enough.

The audience have to audition, dress up and join in with this highly interactive show suitable for studio spaces.

He is ready to travel through the wood, but he can’t stop singing and none of the animals he meets is very scary – the Big Bad Wolf isn’t available and his cousin the Little Good Wolf tries to help, but keeps banging his nose.

We finally get to Grandma’s house and a hero comes to save the day – the handsome woodcutter...I said woodCUTTER!

Lots of interaction for the audience (we couldn’t do it without them!) and a chance to meet the puppets after the show.

“Just wanted to say thank you to Wishworks on behalf of the schools and the library, for a fantastic afternoon performance. Wishworks did an amazing, entertaining show and the children all left buzzing about the show.” Brandon Library Manager, Mathew Sheldrick

“Just a quick note to say what a wonderful morning we’ve had here. We had lovely children attend, who (and I include myself and their teachers) thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  Andy and Sally from the WishWorks team are truly marvellous at what they do and they had a really warm approach to us and the children.” Haverhill Library Manager, Sanphra Wilmott