Children’s parties are lots of fun with WishWorks.

 Photo credit George Owen, Itch Media

WishWorks’ personable puppeteers are available to hire at your private events- parties, weddings, fetes and fundraisers.

We offer entertainment for ages 3 to 10, with lots of colourful puppet characters and enthusiastic musical games.

Take the stress out of organising your child’s birthday so that you can enjoy it too, with two competent, relaxed children’s entertainment professionals at your home or venue to ensure that EVERYONE has fun! WishWorks can come to your party for half an hour’s puppet show entertainment, or run the whole party, which can include:

  • Helping your child open presents and writing down which gift came from who, whilst earlier arrivals are kept entertained.
  • A puppet show or two, for everybody to watch and enjoy
  • Lively traditional games and songs adapted to suit the party theme.
  • Helping to serve tea (WishWorks do not provide food for parties)
  • Story-telling and dressing up games
  • Opportunities for the children to put on their own puppet show

We can adapt the parties to suit most themes if required.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful show and surrounding activities you presented on Sunday. It was truly superb, and so well received by the girls and their parents! I have had lots of compliments! look forward to inviting you to perform for us again, but in the meantime a very big thank you to you both!” Sandra Bell, mum

“Thankyou very much for coming to our party, Jess had a lovely time and we had good reports from all the kids that came” Lucy Pearson, mum

“I wanted to email you to say a huge thank you for coming to Alice's party a few weeks ago. Everyone has said they had a great time and yourself and Andy put on a fabulous show.

“Thank you so much for the lovely puppet show. The show made the day so special, and everyone loved it” Elly and Kevin Stanley, parents. 

  • These shows are suitable for small-scale outdoor events, nurseries, weddings and fetes as well as birthday parties.
  • Younger siblings also enjoy watching colourful puppet shows and meeting the puppets.
  • Older siblings can help WishWorks perform their show if they want to get involved in entertaining their young brothers and sisters.
  • Please call for free advice on running your own child’s party, if you do not want to hire an outside entertainer.
  • WishWorks recommend Deniz, a face painter based in Brighton who can create magical faces for great numbers of children while remaining calm and friendly.
  • We can recommend other party entertainers, if you do not feel that puppet parties would suit your child, for example “Mr. Pineapple Head” the clown.
  • We can also recommend puppeteers in other parts of the country, for example “Mr. Browns Pig” in Bristol
  • WishWorks love to be part of bigger parties and corporate events, for example a party for Arsenal’s Junior gunners in 2009

WishWorks specialise in HAVING FUN!!!