Goldifox Synopsis

The story teller opens his book: “Once upon a time there were three bears”

The bears and the cottage appear in intricate shadow puppetry, set to enchanting music.

Then the fox arrives, a naughty fox. He wants to be the main part – Goldilocks, but he doesn’t like porridge, he likes cornflakes for breakfast, or cake.

The storyteller battles manfully to keep to the tale, but the Fox has a chainsaw. With mischievousness, dancing and a lot of mess the fox makes his way to the bedroom. Can you help the storyteller make him go to sleep on the right bed?

The bears are coming back! The audience must help them find out “who’s been eating my porridge? Who’s been sitting in my chair? Who’s been SLEEPING IN MY BED?”

“Thoroughly enjoyed your show. You were both a delight. Really good entertainment and we'll done on the puppetry. I would happily recommend it. It's perfect family fare for lots of venues around the country” Adam Bennett, Artistic Director, Little Angel Theatre

“Goldifox!! Always a winner to bring on the giggles!!!!!” audience feedback

“You're simply brilliant, witty, heartwarming.” Chislehurst Big Draw 2013

“Everyone was captivated” Sarah Bayliss, Oxted playgroup

“It is so inspiring to see this level of creativity and humour for children” Riga Forbes, Birth Vision

“Unforgettable. Beautifully expressive acting from Charlie - Sally let him be manic, and then she would make him roll onto his side and stare lovingly up at Andy. She was great with the children after the show, too - sitting with groups of them and letting them stroke Charlie while he looked from one child to the next. Sally's very talented - Charlie looked just as lifelike, close-up on her forearm and hand, as he had done before, leaning out from the puppet theatre during the show” Strat Mastoris, reviewing for Fringe Review May 2014