Tesco Bags of Help

10 May 2019

WishWorks are part of the Tesco bags of Help scheme in May/June this year. Support us to take our marine conservations show "Tales of the Deep" into schools to help children learn about the beauty of the ocean and what threatens it.

Story-making workshops

02 May 2019

We love doing our story-making workshops. 

A fab literacy aid, and so much fun too


17 Apr 2019

We have decided to scale back our children's parties to make room at the weekends for new exciting projects with theatres and communities. Taking them off the website soon, though we do, of course have some lovely parties already booked in for the spring/summer.

NHM half term

19 Feb 2019

Lovely new venue at the Natural History Museum this half term!

Come and see Charlie Fox chatting about all the noctural, diurnal and crepuscular animals in the woods.