Notes for providers, carnival workshops:

Running Time – Variable.

Ideally we would have a design meeting and then 3 full days with one class, who could then create large costumes and a tableau/structure to hold in parade. This could be done with several classes simultaneously with different carnival artists leading.

You may want one class/year group to experience some carnival art, or you may want to include the whole school.

You may want to make large parade structures and fabulous costumes or just make a mask or banner or skirt.

You may want to have a whole carnival week and make some truly fabulous art to be proud of.

Some schools wish every class to experience some aspect of carnival art in one day and have a rolling system where each class adds something to one or two large pieces, or several carnival artists run different workshops within the school and the classes move between them and experience each one for an hour.

Number of workshops possible in one school day – Variable

Maximum number of participants – whole school (but not at the same time)

Ideal age of children –Primary or secondary.

Set up time –Variable. Some workshops (especially for younger children) may involve artists from WishWorks pre-making the base of structures for children to cover and decorate. Some maybe made from scratch, depending on the age of participants and the time the school can allow for the project.

Space required – classroom art room or hall. Preferably clear from tables and school work. A larger space is better for large structures so nobody gets poked by willow!

Parent/staff help required – teaching staff must be present. Extra adult help is brilliant

Cost (inclusive of VAT and travel within one hour of Lewes, East Sussex):

Each workshop leader is £175 per day. You may require more than one working in different classes simultaneously.

Materials charge – extensive, depending on what you wish to make.

The school will need to cover costs of stripped willow, wet-strength tissue and masking tape, as well as coloured tissue, PVA and decorative elements.

Materials for school to provide – WishWorks can order materials, or the school can order them themselves when we have agreed on quantities, as it may be cheaper for the school to purchase certain things. 

DBS and insurance – WishWorks hold enhanced DBS checks and have equity public liability insurance of £5, 000, 000

Example timetable, based on a whole school carnival project over a week:

A few weeks previously

WishWorks come into school and introduce carnival project to students during assembly. They stay all day and have design meetings with year 4/5/6 (or, if possible) all year groups


WishWorks (2 people) arrive at school and work with reception and year 1 making/decorating item of costume


WishWorks work with year 2 and 3 all day


WishWorks with year 4 and 5 all day


WishWorks with year 6 making giant structures and year 5 working more on their large costumes


One WishWorks artist with year 6 all day

The other WishWorks artist supporting other year groups with finishing off the decoration on their carnival parade costumes.

Saturday – school fair!

Glorious parade! Sun is shining and everyone is proud of their costumes, all the parents turn out to see the creations they children have made and then linger to spend money at hook a duck and the tombola.


WishWorks leave, everybody smiling.