We have several shows which are perfect as a Stunning Starter or Fantastic Finish to topics on retelling stories, particularly at the innovation stage (usually addressed in year 2) where children are encouraged to change aspects of a traditional tale. These also work for topics such as “toys and games” and can be followed by puppet making workshops. Some shows involve a lot of audience participation which is good for topics involving “role play”. A WishWorks show is an excellent aid to literacy teaching.

We would encourage the whole school to see the show as every class can gain an increase in vocabulary and develop their imaginative world of images with these memorable visual stories.

We also have shows that address difficult-to-teach PSHE and SEAL topics, and shows to introduce marine and woodland creatures.

All shows are interactive and aid speaking and listening skills, stimulate children’s imaginations, introduce the building blocks of narrative and encourage creative play. They can be used a foundation for identifying with and retelling narrative in reception and Year 1, for encouraging empathy with recognisable characters, absorbing messages and embedding subject knowledge; engaging, enabling and motivating children:

  • Goldifox (literacy/re-telling/innovation)
  • Snow Grey (literacy/re-telling/innovation)
  • Little Red Riding Rabbit (literacy/re-telling/innovation)
  • Cinderella and the Slug (mini-beasts/literacy)
  • Whispering Smith (SEAL, Good to be me, deals with shyness and assertiveness)
  • Fynn Dragon and the Ugly Bugs (bullying/friendship issues)
  • Wildwood Tales (native woodland animals)
  • Tales of the Deep (marine creatures/conservation)