Mosaic workshops for primary schools

Working with your children to make designs on a topic of your choosing, we create long lasting artwork.

Workshops can be devised in different ways. We will work with you, your budget and time frame. We can place the mosaic inside or out.


Design and Brief

  • Would you like us to come and help the children to design the art work?
  • Would you like us to give your teachers guidelines to help them design work with the children and send the designs to us?
  • Would you like us to design the art work?

Our homework

The children’s work/our design then needs to be made into a collage/picture that looks like a colouring in page, to scale.

Making with the children

We bring the art work; pre-cut mosaic tiles and equipment and see groups of children in turn to stick their tiles with PVA glue either onto mesh for outdoor work, or onto a board for indoor work.


We then come back when the glue is dry, place the tiles on the wall and grout around them.