Stilt walking

Stilt walking characters are alluring for children and adults alike. Impossible to ignore even in the biggest crowd they are perfect additions to any large indoor or outdoor event which wants to provide something that little bit different. From nightclubs to festivals to fantastic weddings, performing intriguing shows, remarkable walkabouts or simply handing our promotional materials you need someone really TALL at your event!

WishWorks can provide bewitching stilt-walking characters to enhance any event. Performers use Dura-stilts, enabling them to mix safely with crowds and interact with everyone they meet. Their eye-catching costumes always entice an audience and everyone leaves with a smile and a story to tell.

Previous employers include Glastonbury festival and the Big Green Gathering, Wookey Hole caves, Salisbury and Devises carnivals and many more.

We pride ourselves on creating interactive performances and street theatre so the entertainment lasts longer than a first impression.

We can create themed characters especially for you on request and have contact to many
other wacky and wonderful street acts, including the Cod Squad, fish on bicycles.


The Red Queen and the Hatter

Hurry, hurry and don’t be late because the Red Queen is having a party in Wonderland and you are all invited.

Two performers take on the wildness of Wonderland and involve passers by in their colourful crazy walkabout show. The Hatter will teach bowing and curtseys as the Red Queen/Dutchess accuses someone of stealing her tarts. She will summon an instant jury of unwary spectators (sentence first, trial later) and incite them to a guilty verdict, for which the punishment is, of course, “off with their head!” The Hatter is there to encourage the suspect to ask for a Royal Pardon, but it involves kissing the Queen on her horrible lips!

Meeting these characters you can also take part in a game of hedgehog croquet, learn how to care for a pig baby, take part in a Queens Test to see who will be the best monarch or listen to the dormouse’s sleepy story telling.

Entertainment for hours- and whether beheaded or kissed you are unlikely to forget this larger than life encounter with the Wonderland pair and their lovable puppets.

“Wow! You were terrific.”- Donna Bumpass, Big Draw in Chislehurst


The Wishing Witch of the West/ Sea Fairy

In luminous orange witch dress or as a sea sprite with tail and wings this magical creature is not at all wicked in the traditional sense. In fact she carries fairy dust (her mother was an elf) and if you close your eyes and make a wish it is bound to come true (99.99% guaranteed)
The Sea fairy can also have the indefatigable Kissy Fish swimming through her skirts, kissing the passers by!

A kindly character with an answer for everything the wishing witch and sea fairy strive to make everyone happy.

“Thanks for all your beautiful work and input!” - Sian, Winchester Hat fair


Walkabout costume characters are something WishWorks revel in performing. We have several visually arresting, original and highly popular ground-based walkabout personalities available including:

The Llama farmer

The worlds only purple Peruvian pack animal.
Home bred by our resident Llama farmer (in pyjama armour) this Llama is a real Charmer, herded by a calmer Dharma farmer to make sure you don’t harm ‘er and ruin your karma.
The beast will also lie down on occasions so that its’ finger puppet friends can use it as a stage for Shakespeare- a Llama Drama!
Be careful you don’t alarm a Llama- they spit!



Parading Puppets

WishWorks have puppets large and small who love to get out and meet people- maybe tell a few jokes, share a story or give someone a hug.
Perfect walkabout when space is limited, it’s always good to meet a really colourful character


Blackbeard the Pirate

Climb the rigging, scrub the decks and hoist the Jolly Roger! Fierce and silly Blackbeard extorts passers-by to join his likely crew and set sail to find treasure. With his parrot and piratical personality Blackbeard is not just a costumed character, he is an inclusive interactive performance of ridiculousness!


WishWorks like to rise to a challenge and are happy to create Walkabouts on commission to suit your event.
More than anything, WishWorks like to commentate on village fetes and judge Dog
shows while stilt-walking or in character!



Here are some photographs of WishWorks walkabouts: