Wildwood Tales (native woodland animals)

“The best puppet show ever” Seaford Live

WishWorks’ interactive woodland puppet show is an exciting way to learn about our native wildlife. What do you call a baby mouse? What is a badger’s favourite food? What exactly is the difference between a stoat and a weasel?

Join Charlie the fox and his friends as they introduce you to all the animals in the wood, their habitats, habits and hobbies; as well as some pretty revolting things they eat. Listen carefully- can you pick out the three things that are NOT TRUE?

Developed alongside the learning engagement team at the Natural History Museum, London this is a brilliant romp through some interesting facts.

Colourful hand-made puppets and a large dose of silliness make facts fun. Aimed at primary aged children and their families.

***** 100% of audience members surveyed by independent market researchers at the Natural History Museum gave WishWorks FIVE stars for entertainment.

“Scientific words are introduced in effective and fun ways through the show. Meeting the audiences in person at the end was very effective and many families seemed to be happy and engaged including adults.” Kaoru Blackstone, NHM

“A fantastic show, I have seen it many times and get huge amount of joy and positivity from how much the audiences enjoyed the show. Both students and adults can learn new things about British Wildlife. Sally and Andrew are both very professional puppeteers, they were very flexible and had attention for details. I would recommend Wishworks to all.’” Joanna Benedict, programme developer, NHM

“The young people are learning so much from this, my daughter is going to tell me all about British Wild animals after the show. This is when you know they enjoyed it and want to find out more” A parent giving feedback at the Natural History Museum 

“That was one of my favourite afternoons ever” - Big Draw