Past shows

The Dog Show

Performed as a “short” before the main feature show in theatres this is a music-driven farce where a man tries to train his unruly dog with disastrous effects. Bright, funny and non-verbal this is a perfect puppet show for non-English speakers and the very young.

Captain Whiskers (2006)

A piRat (pirate Rat) asks for help to steal treasure, but will the children side with him or the goodie pirate?!

Granny Wish-a-Wish (2005)

Granny goes on a journey to find the story tree. There she can share her knowledge with her friends before she joins the lady in the moon

My Piece of Sea (2004)

A business man has bought a piece of sea but what is he doing dumping toxins in the rest of it?

Spuggy and Nogin go to space (2003)

But is a rocket the most friendly way to travel?

Creation Myths (2002)

We follow a boy called Mukesh through the sea, forest, city and all the way to India to hear different stories of how the world began, and his place in it.

Edna the Ostracised Octopus (2001)

Edna is banished from the sea by an evil merman king because she has legs. She meets many different creatures in her exile and finally confronts her oppressor with all the diversity of the ocean.

The Last Cod (2000)

Codfrey is alone and in danger but a magic pixie shows us what the world would look like with no pollution. This show was toured on bicycles to teach awareness about sustainable transport.

The Monsters and the Moon (2000)

A little girl dreams of monsters but is comforted by the wisdom of the moon

Medicine (1999)

A magical flower helps to make granny better

Tiger Cat (1999)

A little girl dreams of a magical bird, but learns the value of true friendship