Murals and Mosaics for your home

Murals can be used to take you under the sea, on to the beach, into a cityscape or to the land of the dragons! They can be subtle and intricate, bold and colourful, picture size or encompassing the entirety of a room, ceiling and walls, to surround you in an artistic wonderland.

Katie Griffiths, WishWorks’ founder member has painted many murals for children and adults. Pictured are just a few examples of her work. Whether it is your child’s bedroom; a nursery setting, a restaurant or entrance to an office Katie will work with you to create the effect you need. This can include some mosaic work, which is particularly effective in outdoor spaces.

Katie has extensive workshop experience and can enable children, adults and those with special needs to help in the imagining and creation of murals in and around their living and working spaces.Murals not only brighten walls and make them eye-catching and original, their creation can also invest people with a sense of ownership and pride in the space, altering people’s attitudes to a building and helping to prevent vandalism and neglect.

Katie specialises in paintings specifically for children, hung at a low level so that they are accessible for young children to appreciate independently of their parents/guardians.

Katie can also work with your children to make their own artwork- either copying a picture of theirs onto the wall, or advising and guiding them to do their own mural.